Old Boardman Bridge Informational Sign Donated to Town 2018

New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation 2018

  • Fabricated by the Berlin Iron Company, Berlin, Connecticut 1887-1888
  • Longest of the three single wrought-iron through lenticular truss bridges remaining in the State
  • Notable for ornamental details: winged orb finials, floral designs above the portals & lattice work
  • Length 188’abutment to abutment, height 20’, roadway 15’ 6”
  • Served local farmers as well as extensive lime quarries nearby and a workers’ village with its own school, store and train stop
  • Named for the Boardman Family, descendants of New Milford’s first minister 
  • Sherman Boardman’s 1755 house still stands to the East of the bridge
  • National Register of Historic Places 1976

 New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation 2018


The New Milford Trust for Historic Preservation has as its mission the preservation, reuse and restoration of historic buildings and structures in our town. One of those iconic structures is the Old Boardman Bridge. By donating a sign outlining the history and importance of the bridge, the Trust hopes to inform the public and encourage the Town government to fund the bridge as a destination location. Situated on the river, the bridge is a link to Sega Meadows and Andrew Gaylord Barnes Parks and would tie nicely with the pedestrian pathways and bike ways envisioned by the Riverfront Revitalization Committee. 

Robert Burkhart, President New 

Milford Trust for Historic Preservation

The sign is located on the West end of the bridge